M u s i c i a n
Music for Everybody.  All the Time.
Kevin sings, performs, writes and records music with numerous friends and colleagues. Below are the projects he participates in . Click one to check out schedules and multimedia.
  1. Managing Director
    The Road to Where You Are
    Kevin's new music CD available everywhere online.
  2. Managing Director
    The Feeder Band
    Classic rock Cover band. Kevin has been playing with these guys since 2000. Featuring Charles Lugo on Drums and Gene Minix on Guitar
  3. Managing Director
    Beach Life Band - these guys play Tropical Acoustic Rock and Beach Country. 4 and 5 piece outfit doing lots of special events and corporate shows.
    Tropical Acoustic and Beach Country Music. Corporate functions and special events.
  4. Managing Director
    Dreams - Crystal Visions of Fleetwood Mac
    Fleetwood Mac Tribute. Kevin Plays Bass like John McVie and Sings the male vocals like Lindsay Buckingham. The group has garnered much attention nationwide in the tribute industry as one of the top Fleetwood Mac Tributes. The band stays true to that Mac-vibe
  5. Managing Director
    Pet Name 4 the Girl
    Cool Groovy Duo featuring Kevin on Acoustic Guitar and Michelle Rose on Vocals
Original Alt-Country and Acoustic Rock CD

Fleetwood Mac Tribute
Tropical Flavored Acoustic Music
Cool, Funky Acoustic Duo

Classic and New Rock Cover Band